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Google Pixel Buds: first wireless earbuds with Google Assistant

What will be your reaction, if I say that you can do lot more things with your earphone except listening to music? It will do your work without even looking into phone

It will do your work and you will not have to look into your phone. It will answer all your question and also translates to your local language if anyone speaking s different language.

Google has launched an earphone, Google Pixel Buds, which will do all these works for you. these wireless headphones are also very easy and seamless to charge and use. It gives you google assistant support with it and few extra things which help you time to time.

Pair Pixel Buds with your phone and start using it

Pixel Buds are very simple to us. Google has made Storing and charging very simple, Google has given a pocket-size compact magnetic case box for this. In one charge you can listen up to 24 hours. It has a fabric finish making it smooth and comfortable for use. Google has installed all controls on the touchpad on right bud, so no buttons will be hanging out in any cord. You just have to swipe forward to increase the volume and swipe back to decrease the volume or tap to play your music. Syncing your buds with your phone is just a child’s play – Open the case and keep it near your pixel or Android device running Android 7.0 Nouget and higher and your phone will detect and ask you if you want to connect with it.

Buds with Google Assistant

This is the best feature of Google pixel buds, This gives all the information and answers in your ears, you will be intel champion in your group. These head buds will give you best fast experience with Google assistant. Just tap your right pixel bud and ask any question, it will record and get the reply from google so fast, you will not feel any delay. You can get answers, directions or make a phone call without even looking into your phone. You can also get alert for your calendar events or a text message, Google assistant can also read it for you if you are not able to look into your phone at that time.

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Get Multilingual with Pixel Buds

Let’s imagine, you are in some foreign land say France and went to a restaurant and want to order like a pro. Google pixel buds are there for your help. Just tap the right bud of pixel bud and say “Help me speak French’ and as you talk, google will translate it and play it with your phone speaker. and once the waiter reply in French, you will hear it in your local language in your ear.

Pixel buds fetch the real-time translate with google translate and give you the response, It’s like your personal translator is with you every time. Don’t worry it has 40 languages for you.

Pixel has been launched for pre-order now and will be available in November in U.S. It has come in three colors black White and bluish. Book it now at google store.

Google has packed the google assistant in your pixel buds to carry over anytime anywhere. Take the pixel buds with you and keep the Google Power with you all the time.

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