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Google Photos: One home for all your photos

We have seen many features of Google photos which have made our life even more beautiful. It helps you to keep your photos organized.

Some of the features are:

  • Auto upload: You can now auto upload from all your devices. Create a backup and view a lifetime of all your photos across all devices. Only edit made once will be reflected on all your devices.

  • Automatically organized and searchable: One can now see all the photos organized by place, people and things. You can search by what you recollect about a photo. You need not provide the description also.
  • Easy edit and share just the way you like: One can crop, filter and adjust positions in your photo on your browser. Bulk sharing of the photo at the same time is possible. Sharing of a photo is possible with people who do not have the app as well.

  • Machine Learning: Usage of machine learning technology enables Google Photos to not only remind you to share the photos but additionally, it will automatically select the right photos. The feature has been incorporated to even suggest who can you send the photos based on who is there in the capture. On click of tap, you can send all the photos and your set of friends and family will be able to view them and remind them to upload their photos too.
  • For that one special person: For our special someone we usually wish to capture and share all our moments with them. Google photo takes care of that too as well. With the concept of shared libraries, you can easily and automatically send and receive photos with that person. Access to your full photo library can be provided to them. In case you wish to show only certain photos or from a certain date, that too is possible. When they share their library, you can automatically save the photos you want so that it shows up in search and in the movies, that Google photo makes for you.
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  • Photo Books: Going through a printed album always brings a smile on our face since it takes you down the memory lane. But this involves a lot of work. Well, Google photos are incredible in doing so. The have high-quality resolution and are clean and have a modern design. Using the powerful search technology, it organizes your photos. You can make a collage easily.

So, never miss a single moment even when you were not present physically, relive those moments using Google Photos.

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