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Google Photos made Sharing Pics Easy and Fast

We like to make photo memories by clicking away hundreds of pictures of the fun moments of our lives. These images serve as the reminder of happy times we have spent vacationing or touring or enjoying a simple moment.

Then we want to make our friends and family a part of these special moments, which mean so much to us, by sharing these photos with them. Now, there lies a problem.

How to share these memories with everyone, be it our friends or family or colleagues?

Social media is one option. However, it is possible that we don’t have everyone on the same account or page, as a lot of people like to keep work colleagues separate from the personal social media accounts. We also have to consider the fact that not everyone is on social media; there are enough people who don’t like to own such accounts.

The next viable method that comes to mind is via email. Unfortunately, this method is only good for a couple images, as the email box size has to be taken into account, and few other factors like the quality of images that can be sent. You may be able to send a few pics through this method, but not all, and certainly not to everyone, in their best form.

Thankfully, Google came up with a new and improved way of sharing photos, with one medium, ‘Google Photos’. All you have to do is: select the photos you want to share and with whom. The rest will be taken care of by the app.

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If your friends have an account on Google Photos, then they will get a notification, if you share via email addresses, they will get a link that will redirect them to Google Photos, and if you wish to share through phone numbers, then they will simply get an message (SMS) with the link. This is the fastest and the surest way of sharing your lives memories with your friends and family.

Another added advantage of ‘Google Photos’ is the movies option. Google has already introduced this option sometime back. Though with Google Photos, it has been improved further to make it even better.

Now, it will take your photos and make a movie out of them, something that you would have made, like if you like flowers, and take a lot of pictures of them; it will give you something you can relate to. Or a video of your kids photo, that you have stored over the years.

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