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Google Onhub: the future best friend of yours

Google introduced its own router OnHub, about a year ago with a promise that it is the future for controlling your home devices. They have started to deliver on that promise by announcing their partnership with Philips Hue Lighting. It is the home device that can be controlled using OnHub. In fact, there is no need to download an app to enjoy this feature, as it can be used directly from your phone or computer or tablet, by a simple “On,Here” command.


All you have to do is type the command and enjoy your smart home.

There are a number of other benefits of this new and improved router. Here is a list of top 10 benefits associated with OnHub and agreed upon by most users:

  • Guest network is always considered a hassle with most routers. However, OnHub gives you the best option in this section; it allows you to grant limited access to a guest, for example: when you grant access you can choose to give it for one or two particular devices from your network and not share your AC’s control or any other home devices
  • It is a better and faster device that allows you to find the reasons for slow speed and help you resolve them, too
  • Using Wi-Fi can be a joy ride when you have the fastest possible speed. OnHub makes that its mission to provide you with the fasted speed. It scans all the channels constantly and automatically selects the best possible option
  • Being a Google product it is always connected to the cloud and can receive critical and non critical security updates without disrupting your work. This feature ensures all security protocols are regularly updated and you are always protected
  • It provides you with a great way of controlling your devices speed, by simply waving a hand over the device you want to concentrate more bandwidth on
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  • You can give custom names to your devices on OnHub network, as it is a future necessity to be able to identify each device separately, since the number of devices we use on our network are gradually increasing.
  • You can also have fun by naming your network to showcase your own personality.


  • We like to keep in tune with your color scheme and furniture. Now, OnHub offers custom color skins that will go with your decoration, making it a part of your home, in more ways than one.
  • OnHub has a lot of improved and new features, one of them is its ability to connect and support different websites, it is called IFTTT, an amalgamation of websites and devices

  • You can see and connect to all your devices through your phone if you are using OnHub. However, you will be able to control these devices as well. Philips Hue Lights is the first device that can be controlled via Onhub

We can simply say that OnHub is the future of your homes Wi-Fi systems. You can check out more information regarding Onhub here.

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