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‘Google Now’ Introduces ‘Now On Tap’ to make Multitasking Fun

Our lifestyle is becoming fast paced and complicated with the advancements in technology. Now, multitasking has become a necessity, even if you are only trying to do a few things on your phone.

Just imagine yourself reading work related emails, when you come across some technical term that you don’t know the meaning of, or you got a call from your boss to make some important arrangements, that you may have to take notes for.

To solve either of these multitasking situations, you will have to close the email, go to the dictionary application on your phone or to the notepad apps. And once you are done with the second task, you will have to go back to the email and start from the beginning.


However, Google is trying to make your multitasking easy. They have already introduced Google Now, and have been working on making it more helpful, every day. Right now, you can get a lot done with Google Now alone, it helps you in making dinner reservations with the right restaurants that offer the cosine you are looking for, or remind you the parking area you left your car at or keep you informed on a particular issue you are following like a corporation’s annual profit results, and a hundred other thing. Google Now has even gotten smarter in following and executing voice commands.


Google has now added a new service ‘Now On Tap’ to the already existing Google Now services. It allows users to do hundreds of other tasks on your phone, without having to leave the page you are working on, no matter which app you need to access or vice versa.

You could be working on any app on your phone, while you can switch just by tapping a holding the home button. It even suggests options based on a best guess basis that can be right on target, more times than you can imagine.

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Best part a about this app is, developers can integrate their apps with ‘Now On Tap’ just by indexing on Google.

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