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Google new sites just got more easier

New Google sites have been launched by Google some months back and since then Google is improving new sites features every day. New sites are becoming easier and easier day by day for users. Google has embedded various new functions for creating sites with the ease of just drag and drop.

Google+ Streams in New Google Sites

Google has added a feature to embed Google+ streams in the new Google sites to create the site more interactive and engaging. This feature will help the user to:

  • Increase social engagement of site: They can experience the full Google+ post, photos, comments, etc in the site.
  • Free-flow communication: Site allows users to engage in the Google+ streams, users can comment, +1 and share the posts
  • Fresh Content: Google+ always shows the current feed of the embedded Google+ streams, so users will not show the same content in the site.

Google Sites give users to embed the Google+ streams like Google+ communities, Google+ collections and Google+ profiles. Once the stream is embedded users can easily go to the site and experience the full Google+ in the site. They can easily do all the stuff they do in the Google+.

The access to the Google+ embed depends on the access of the user access on the Google+ stream. If a Google+ collection is shared within team members and collection is embedded in the site then only members can see the Google+ stream in the site.

You can see the Google document to embed the Google+ stream in your site.

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New Section Layouts for creating sites more quickly

Google has embedded new layouts in the drag and drops section, user can use these layouts to quickly design their sites. This helps the user to make a professional site more quickly than ever.

These layouts are available on the right side of the site menu, user can drag and drop the layout they want to use and then they can see the placeholder for the content. User can update their images and content as per their requirement in the placeholders.

Six layouts available in the new site.

New Buttons in the new sites

For making sites more interactive, people use hyperlink buttons to show important content to the user with their site or some external links and people prefer to click more on the buttons then the hyperlinked keywords. Buttons are the best way to redirect people to do some action or show important content like You can put contact us button to ask users to get in touch with you.

The buttons available in the sites are self customizable,  It adopts the color and size according to the theme and background used in the site. It also adjusts the size according to the placeholder and also easily customizable manually by the user. This helps site look more professional and make the sites more interactive by guiding the user to read your site content relevantly.

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