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Because typing takes too long, lets Google search

In the current century, we want access to everything within a fraction of seconds. Ease is of great importance to us. Isn’t it wonderful to be acquainted with your neighboring surrounding by just a few clicks? Google search engine is one such tool that helps you accomplish this.

The Google search engine assists you in answering your specific questions. Google app has always been a fantastic and astonishing means to get quick information about things. Now, Google is even making it easier to tell us what is going around. Seeing the surge for fast and easy access, Google has rolled out all new search options. Along with the cards and search box, the latest update depicts arrays of shortcuts that put relevant information.

Just by a few taps, one can now have access to information like favorite sports or where to drink and eat for any other sort of entertainment. Google has named this new feature as tappable shortcuts and it is available via mobile websites. Some of these tools will appear below the main search bar box for quicker accesses. Display of full list is just another click away. These features are those which are frequently used. The idea was to give users a different way to explore the beauty of Google search rather than mandating the entry of text search or entry over voice.

Navigation for these new shortcuts:

  • Install the latest version of Google app
  • Go to the home screen of Google
  • The shortcuts are visible right below the search text box.
  • Upon tap on the arrow to the right of the main shortcuts, it will redirect you to the page comprising of clickable icons organized into several categories.
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With the incorporation of these new shortcuts, access to the following array of information is easy:

The homes screen of Google app includes the following features:

  • Google search text box: One can type in the keywords and get specific answers corresponding to the search.
  • Means to enter query over voice: One can just speak up the search text and Google will display the result.
  • Weather status reports: Get information about sky conditions or probability of rains.
  • Entertainment: Depicts information about lined-up events during the weekend or what is being played in the local theaters or what sort of interesting stuff one can watch on TV.
  • Sports: Look out for what’s trending in sports. Never miss a play of your favorite sport be it basketball football or any other. Just tap in and stay updated.
  • Eat and drink: What to search for some fancy and elegant place for lunch or dinner? Get easy access to restaurants near your vicinity, examine the recommendations and reviews.
  • Latest news: Display the latest set of activities taking place around you. Tap on the news and be acquainted with what is happening around

The Google app is quietly one of the best search engines and incorporation of these new features will only make it better. So, search fast, save time, go Google.

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