Google Maps Tips N Tricks

Google Maps tips and tricks

Google maps the navigation app developed by Google is helping millions of people and drivers to reach their destination without losing their way. You just have to type in the destination and Google Maps takes you there.

Offline maps

offline google maps

Google maps helps you to navigate to a particular destination with the help of GPS and internet, which means it does not store the map data in the phone memory. But if you want the map of specific area you can do that by going to the settings in the Google maps and selecting the offline areas. There you can select and download the maps or can navigate using the offline map. This will be useful if you are planning to travel to a location where network coverage will be less.

Mark or label important places

label in google maps

This is very helpful if you are going to a new place and do not know about the routes. You can save the location like home, office, restaurant, or supermarket. First you have to search for the exact location which you want to save and to the left of the window you will get the options like save, nearby, and share. You can click on save to record the particular place and if it is not already labeled you can label the place with a name. This will be available in the section “Your places” in the menu.

Send to or share with

Share map

These are the two options that are available when you search and find the location. If you want to send the location details to your phone you can do that using the option “send to your phone”. When you click on that you will get an option to select the device or to add a device. Click on the device to which you want to send and the location details will be send to the phone in which you can save the location. Just like you send the location details you can share the location with other people also by clicking on the Share option. You will get the link of the location you want to share and send this link to whomever you want to send this to. You can share a location from the mobile App by tapping and holding on blue pin which gives you an option to share the location.

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Navigate to destination easily

navigation of route in google maps

Google maps is helping millions at the moment to reach the correct destination by giving turn-by–turn directions. It is very easy to launch the navigation mode. Just type in the destination and you will see a round blue button with car (bus or person) to the right bottom of the screen. Just press (tap) and hold that button and the Google maps will directly launch the navigation mode.  If you want to see the step-by-step navigation just tap on the white space at the bottom. You can even add the shortcut to your home screen for the location you visit frequently. If you want to change the units (Kms or miles), you can do so by going to Distance units in settings of the menu.

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Create your own map

my own map

Yes, you can create your own map and add places of your choice. So in order to navigate to these locations you can just open your maps from the mobile App. Before trying to use this you have create one from the browser in your Google account. This is very simple process. You have to search and locate the correct point and save that in your map. You can edit, put a photo, share and delete these locations from your map. To create a map you can go to ‘Your Places’ in menu of the Google maps. There you will see four tabs as labeled, visited, saved and maps. Click on maps and click on create at the bottom.

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Getting directions for multiple location

Directions for multiple locations in google map

This is easy to do but needs planning. This should be done in the browser first and then it will be synced with your device.  You can just keep on adding the locations in your route by clicking on ‘+’ sign to the left of the directions page. Add all the locations and send this to your iOS or Android phone. This may not work in all devices. In iOS you need to enable the option send from computer under notifications settings.

Check bus and train timings

Bus and train timing in google maps

You can check bus and train timings now using Google maps. It is very simple, just type in the destination and origin. You will get the directions page and in the blue circle you may see taxi for the first time. Tap on that and you will the option to select bus or train which will give you the timings along with the routes (if there are no direct buses or trains). You can change the time also by taping on the ‘Depart at’ option.

This was my effort to present you with the tips and tricks of Google maps, and there are more yet to be explored. You do not have to worry now if you lost your way, Google maps will navigate you to the correct location.


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