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Google Launched ‘Google Tez’: Mobile Payment app for India

Nowadays everyone uses a smartphone, In India there are more than 300 million plus smartphones. The Internet is becoming the part of life.  In everyday life, we use it frequently to read a newspaper, play games, searching some information, watching music videos etc. But when it comes to money transaction, payments – people prefer to use cash.

There are many online payments portal/apps has been coming to make the digital payment truly work in India, Google has introduced a new app ‘Google Tez‘, which is simple and work everywhere with everyone. It is the simple payment app built specially for India using the country’s  UPI(Unified Payments Interface) standard. It lets users connect their bank account securely and pay anywhere for goods and online.

Pay your tea vendor or vegetable vendor, or send some money to your family or relative, you can do it in a minute with your connected bank accounts. You don’t have to add money to the wallet, you can directly transact your money directly from your bank account.

Google Tez has many features, which give you much flexibility for your money transactions and payment.

Cash Payment with Google Tez –  Cash payment is always safe, In case of cash payment you don’t need to share any personally sensitive information. In google Tez, there is cash mode, where you can pay money to another Tez user without sharing any personal details like bank account number or phone number. This can be used, when you are paying to an auto driver or your vegetable vender. This mode is built with AQR (Audio QR) technology, which transmits an audio (non-audible to us) to the nearest phone and connects to it.

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Direct Bank to bank transfer –  It is one of the best features of Google Tez, You don’t have to move your money to a wallet, keep your money safe in your bank account, get bank interest until and unless you need the money. It directly transfers the money to and from your linked bank account securely using UPI.

Based on phone number like a chat app –  This app uses your phone contacts to get your contacts, so here you don’t have to add any beneficiary details. You can easily and quickly transfer your money to your contacts.  And your transactions with your friends, family, and businesses will be grouped together as you see your messages in your chat messages.

Tez for Business, Get offers and more –  When it comes to a good platform for money transaction, it can be used by many organisations to make the transactions more smooth and secure. Google has also launched a business version of Google Tez Tez for Business. Google Tez has already integrated with many small organisations like redbus, PVR and more.

Support India’s trusted banks – Google Tez Supports all banks listed under UPI. Google is working on multiple payment service provider partnership where Google Tez can direclty intereact with other UPI apps like  BHIM.

Tez shield for protection – Google is working 24×7 to block the fraud, spam and hackers and keeping the data safe of the users.

Made for India – Google Tez is specially made for India, it supports the majority of smartphones. It also supports many local languages of India like Bengali, Hindi, Telugu, Tamil etc

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Check out the video from Google on Google Tez :

Google is still working on many organisations to make it easier for users to pay anytime anywhere. Google is also talking to mobile manufacturing partners to phones to come with google Tez.

Google Tez is available on both Android and iOS platform. Download it now and help india transform Digital India.

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