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Google Home: Stay tuned and connected with your family and Google.

Google Home has several features bringing ease to our life. Now Google home is a whole lot for functional for your household as well. It can be trained to identify the voices of different people dwelling with you. It’s smart speakers can manage to support up to six different accounts residing on the same device.

How does this app work?

Pre-requisite to use this app is, it should be upgraded to latest Google Home app. Upon connecting the account with Google Home, it will prompt you to speak out loud phrases like “Ok Google” and “Hey Google” two times each. With that it recognizes you. These phrases are analyzed by the neural networks. Neural networks are known to detect certain peculiar characteristics of a person’s voice. Next time when you say any of the two phrases, the neural network will compare your sound will the previous analysis performed and identify with it’s you or not. The comparison is successful within a few milliseconds.

Google Home Now Supports Multiple users

When you wake up in the morning, You always want to hear messages intended to you.

Yes!! now it’s available with Google Home. You can connect up to six people in Google Home. So whenever a person asks Google home for something, Google home will distinguish their voice and give the results accordingly. Now everyone in your home can play their own playlist,  personalized features etc.

Some of the perks of Google Home:

  • Playing your own music: Each user can now have its own default music provider. When you make a music request, your Google Home will make your preferred service. The users can even play each other’s music if they know the playlist name.
  • Watching TV shows and movies: You home will play the movie from your Netflix account. In case you haven’t linked, it will play from another user Netflix account.
  • Media Play on linked TV and Speakers: All TV’s, speaker groups are shared among the users. You can place a request to play from other user’s speakers.
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You Google Assistant is now personal to you and your family.  Set aside work for your Google Assistant on Google Home, and rejoice the guarantee of the work done.

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