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Google has made easy to share google drive files with google drive notifications

Google file sharing allows us to save your files on the cloud in an encrypted format. Keeping your files in Google Drive lets you access them from just about anywhere. Google Apps for Mac and PC helps sync files on your computer with Google Drive. It lets you access documents from any device including iOS and Android versions of WhatsApp and Yahoo mail.

Google Drive Notifications Feature

For those of you who constantly update and share files on the Google Drive, keeping a track of file edits and additions can be a headache. The Google Drive notifications feature notifies you via e-mail when a document is shared, seeks access, is moved or edited.

What’s new in Google?

In the past, the only way to get notification from Google Drive was through e-mail. Then, an update allowed Google Drive app on Android and iOS to send alert notifications.

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What’s new in Google is that starting now Google Drive will also send out notifications in Chrome. A recent update by Google Apps lets you receive web notifications when you colleagues share or access Google Drive files with you. You can now respond quickly with web notifications for the Drive. A small but important update, it lets you know when you have shared a file.

Get Share Notifications

Google file sharing on the Drive lets you select and share multiple files and folders on iOS and Android. With the new update, you will now receive a Google Drive notifications when files or folders are shared with you. This update means that you no longer have to check your e-mail to check the shared files or folders.

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google Drive notifications

A simple tap on the Google Drive notification will take you to a share menu to quickly grant access. As of now, this feature is only visible while using Google Chrome and lets users control the notifications that they receive.

How To Enable Notifications?

You can turn the notification feature for shared items and requests for access either on or off. To enable users to use the new notification feature, Google Drive prompts a message about automatic notifications along with a link to enable this feature.

google drive notifications

In order to use the feature users must opt-in to turn on the notifications. In addition, as the settings are not synced across, users must turn on this feature individually for every device.


Over the next few days, this new feature will fully roll out to all Google Drive users. So get ready to use this new awesome feature.

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