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Google has arranged a special Google apps trainings program for its users

The acquisition of Synergyse, an enterprise software company based in Toronto specifically for Google Apps for Work, marks the entry of Google into developing free Google apps trainings for all Google App users.

Synergyse Google apps trainings

Synergyse holds a record for training close to 3,000 organizations, and reports an average 35% higher adoption rates across Apps products for companies that use its services. With the integration, Google aims to acquire a larger share in the enterprise domain.

What are Synergyse trainings all about?

A combination of voice and text interactive modules that are searchable by topic, Synergyse trainings will help Google App users to get to speed more quickly. A virtual guide into Google Apps, Synergyse trainings will help the App users to be more productive and make the most out of their App experience. The trainings will be aimed at Google Apps for Work such as Google e-mail or Gmail, Google+, Calendar, Docs, Sheet, Slides, Forms, Drive, and Sites. After adding the extension, users will simply need to refresh their Apps to access the training menu.

Google apps synergyse Google apps trainings

Synergyse, a free Chrome extension, puts a virtual guide into Google Apps training. Synergyse training provides voice and text interactive modules available in Google Apps. Built on Google Cloud Platform, the trainings are always up-to-date. Synergyse training offers interactive, just-in time trainings that are short and specific. The software is easy to install and use, and aims at reducing IT Service Desk costs of schools and organizations. The program will offer in-application training for all Google Apps. The trainings will allow all Google App users to understand and take action at the same time. Some of the best features of the Google apps trainings are that all the trainings are available and accessible directly inside Google Apps, and are completely free for all Google App users.

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Do we really need Google apps trainings?

Although Google Apps are self-explanatory and easy to use, Synergyse trainings might come in handy in the business world. With over 2 million paying businesses, Google aims at gaining immense benefits from Synergyse trainings. The Google apps trainings are aimed at providing a scalable and cost-effective training for individual users as well as for the entire organizations. The trainings will offer simplified, self-paced, and on-demand trainings that are available 24/7. The software integrates seamlessly with Google Apps for Education, Google Apps for Work, and Google Apps for Government.

With the acquisition, Google aims to help organizations using Google Apps for Work to be more efficient, productive, and collaborative.


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