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Google Forms – An application from Google to know your customer’s satisfaction level

Giving service or products to a customer is not enough for a business to grow. Your customers should be satisfied, and you need to know what they think about your service.


Most of the times you will get an online survey through the email to know how much satisfied you are with the services you received. Google has an application to help the service providers in Google Apps – the Google Forms which is integrated with Google Drive.

How to create a survey using Google Forms?

Google Forms provides you all the options that are needed to create a survey questionnaire for the customer. You can share the link with the customer or else you can display the survey in your website. Below are the steps for creating a new simple form.

  1. Login to Google Drive using your user ID and password
  2. Click on “New” button and hover your mouse pointer over “More”.
  3. You will see “Google Forms” in that list. Click on that and a new Form will be opened.
  4. There you can add the title to your form and then start typing the questions in the survey.
  5. If you want to another question to the same form you can do that by clicking on the “Duplicate” icon that is at the bottom of the form.

You have other options to customize your survey forms. You can make the questions as multiple choice questions (either using radio buttons or using checkboxes).

Google forms add videos

You can even make the survey question answers displayed as a drop-down menu. There are two other options for displaying the survey questions. They are Multiple Choice Grid and Linear Scale. In multiple choice grid, you can give questions as rows and choices as columns.

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In Linear scale, the rating will be shown in the form of numbers (usually within a range of 1 – 5). Google Forms gives you the option to provide a description of each question.

Once you are done with entering the questionnaire for customers, click on send and you will get a new page with the link for that form. Add the email addresses to which you want to send the survey and click on send.

Once you have sent the survey to all customers, you can analyze the responses by clicking on the responses tab. You can view the response as summary and also question-wise responses. Google Forms are easy to create and manage.

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