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Google Fonts : Collection of best fonts

Fonts for all occasions with different thickness, indent, slant width, etc. are available on Google fonts, earlier known as Google web Fonts

Open Sans, Slab 27px, Lato, Oswald, Roboto Condensed, Source Sans Pro, Montserrat, Railway, and PT Sans, Lobster are few of the popular Google fonts available as of now. Most of the fonts are under SIL open font licenses whereas few are under the Apache license. The major categories of Google fonts are the Operating system, corporate & professional, software, general, groups and people.

google fonts

Introduced in 2010 and dressed up in 2011, Google fonts are further redefined now.  Google Fonts is designed to provide a platform for users to discover fonts and they are used extensively. The fonts give a welcome change from the monotony. Fonts offer variety and diversity in the presentation. For example, newspaper uses a variety of fonts to attract readers as well as to distinguish the subjects. The Monotype’s SkyFonts , Adobe’s Edge Web Fonts and Typekit services are using the Google Fonts. Bookmarking collections of fonts is a new addition Google introduced. The bookmark facilty will quickly bring to light the web page you are currently in.

Google fonts use

There’s more to this than meets the eye. The bookmark will depend on which page you are currently on. Different fonts pout the personal signature indirectly in documents, especially in emails. That personal touch a font can bring in makes all the difference in building rapport and intimacy. Now a war like situation has come on web font development field.

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Google has promised to bring in more fonts of new textures and appearances in the near future. After all Google Alphabet’s earlier top brass Sundar Pitchai is Google’s present CEO. The Calligraphy and typography are taking another reincarnation into the writing field with Google fonts.

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