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With Google Flights you no longer have to worry about travel plans

When you plan to travel, no matter for what purpose, the biggest worry that you have: is not being able to get the right flight at the right price, or to be able to book the perfect hotel room, just because you were late or maybe early in booking your rooms and flight. Some surveys show that up to sixty nine percent of leisure travellers have similar concerns about their spending on travel plans.


In fact, this percentage makes travel financial concerns even higher than that of financial investments or electronic purchases. In simple words, this means that more people feel confused about spending on travelling as compared to some of the more critical areas.

However, this holiday season the indecision about your travel plans will no longer be an issue. Google Flight and hotel search will provide you the information on your mobile phone, which can inform you when the flight fares will go up, or how to find the best hotel deals, to make your travel planning hassle free.

Pick the right flight for a great vacation

It can be very tricky to pick the right flight at the right ticket prices. Now, with Google Flights, all your problems, confusions and indecision about flights can be taken care of. All you have to do is select the flight you want to board, and Google will send you timely notifications, based on analysis and historical data about the possibility of fare increase. It will give you a likely comparisons and benefits of booking a certain flight now, as compared to few hours later, and the kind of money you are likely to save.

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In case you have not selected the flight, but only the route, then you are likely to receive notifications and tips, which will include all the possibilities for cheaper fares on multiple flights and other details. However, you will not see all the information flooding your phone, as you will get an option to tap on the card and see the details.

Go for the hotel with the best deals

Finding the right deal for a hotel stay can save you big time, this why Google is extending its help to you, in choosing the right hotel. All you have do is select the location you are planning to visit of stay, and it will compare all the hotel prices in the area and let you know the best deals available with minimum fuss.flightimmersive_4-width-800

You can also feed in the dates of your travel and stay, and Google will find the best hotel deals, based on the analysis of historical data.

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