Google Drive

Google gives users  to private space to keep the data safe in their datacenters. Google drive users can keep their data  safe and secure in google data centers and access anytime anywhere in the world. User can save his photo, data, drawing, designs, video any type of data. Google gives 15 GB space to user at starting for free and user can buy more space if he needs.

Drive gives the feature to share your files with your friends, colleagues and any other users without attaching the files into email and the members  can collaborate in the files, comment in your document or only view your document as per user’s given access. Here we will see all types of file, drive collaboration options and everything related to Google Drive.

Google Drive Introduction

Create and share files on google drive

Manage Google drive files and folders

Manage version of google documents

Share and collaborate easily with google drive notification

Reasons to prefer google drive over dropbox

Tempting Templates from google for google documents

Google slides rules

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