Google Drive

Google Drive Introdution

Google drive is space provided by google to users, where user can keep all the data safe and the access anywhere anytime. In this tutorial we will the Google drive UI and will get to know all the options present in the page.

Google Drive

Google has given so many services to its user, one of the service is the google drive, where user an keep his data safe and secure in the google cloud.

Login to your google drive, If you are already logged in to your gmail account, then just open your drive from app launcher or type in the URL bar of the next tab. you will be automatically logged in to your drive as google has SSO enabled for its services to users.


Lets see all the features of the google drive one by one. Lets start from the options present in the left side of your drive page.

Drive Features

New: With this option you can create a new files(google docs), folders  etc. you can also upload your data. Which we will read in next tutorial.

My Drive: This section is the default section of the drive. This section will open when you will open your drive. In this section you can see all your uploaded/ created files/folders  and manage it.

Shared with Me: In this section You can see all files/folders with you by your friends, colleagues etc.

Google Photos: This is also one of the google service, where you can keep your photos safe and secure. and it will not count any space for uploaded photos and you can keep countless photos safe and secure in google cloud.

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Recent: In this part you can see the all files by sequence, as you have worked on.

Starred: In this section, you can see all starred file. Starred files are like tagged file, You an star any file in your drive by clicking the star symbol beside the files and you can see that particular file in the star section, when ever you need it.

Trash: This section contains all the files which have been deleted by you, Files can be restored until this is present in the trash folder. After deleting from trash also you cannot restore the files.

Now Lets move to right side of the page and see the different icons, what can they do.

Drive Features 2

Drive Settings (Gear symbol icon): This is the right most icon of the page. From this option you can manage your drive files. You can see the below options when you click the gear symbol.

drive settings

we will all options but from below

Help: This is the google support link, where you can find all support documents related to google drive.

Keyboard shortcuts: Here is the list of all the shortcuts you can use in drive, if you are finding difficulty in finding options in drive then become a keyboard master.

Download Drive: This is option where you will find the drive, which you can download and install in your desktop and then access offline anytime. It will sync your data when your desktop will have internet connection.

Settings: In this section you can see some below settings

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drive settings1

Storage: Here you can see how much storage have you used out of provided space by google. You can also buy more storage space by clicking on upgrade storage.

Convert Uploads: After enabling this option, All uploaded folders will convert into google docs. As google does not count any space for google docs, so its best to keep your data in google docs.

Language: Here you can change the google drive page language.

Offline: After downloading the offline drive(we have seen above), you can enable offline drive sync from here.


View Details option(Looks like opposite of exclamation mark): After clicking on this, you will see a new column appear in the left side with all activity details of files present in your drive.

drive settings

Sort Options: This option is for arranging the files and folders present in your google drive. Here you can see options like sorting your items with respect to alpha bates, last modified date/time or last opened by you etc.

Sort options

List View/Grid View: This option is fr changing the view of your files folders, You can change the files arrangement

list view


So i think now you get familiar with Google drive. we will see more feature in our upcoming tutorials.  Visit this page to  see some awesome tricks related to google drive.

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