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Google Docs will now have page numbers along with table of contents

People who deal in data especially documents, that are long and has complicated structuring, knows how frustrating it can be to navigate such documents for information.

Consider a simple and regular, but lengthy document, say a standard operation procedure (SOP) for testing new software; it is likely to have several parts referring to each other, for step that will have to be followed for multiple outcomes.

In simple words, the reader or the test engineer will have to do a lot of back and forth to ensure compliance, which is a must for any such successful testing. However, it will be very difficult to manage the document, and they may even miss a step or two without proper indicators.

To solve this kind of problem, we use a table of contents that can help us keep tabs on the instructions. This table of contents has been available in Google docs for a long time.

However, a lot of users had express the need of page numbers along with the table of contents, as they can make it even easier to navigate through the Google Docs.

As always, Google understood the need of page numbers in the docs, and recently introduced them for the table of contents. Now, navigating and organizing  is easier than ever before.


The best part is the ease with which you can add these, much requested and required, page numbers, to the table of contents. The steps to insert the table of contents are simple enough:

  1. First, you need to open the Google Doc.

  2. Then you can click on the place you want to insert the table.

  3. Simply click on insert.

  4. Select Table of Contents for the insert menu.

  5. Then it will allow you to select “With page number” or you can also go for “with blue links”.

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After following these simple steps, your table of contents with page numbers will appear.

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