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Dark mode comes in Google Docs, Slides and Sheets on Android

Many people (More than 70% of users who work in IT) like to work in dark background/theme, mainly the programmers/coders likes to work with the dark themes. (I also like dark mode for work. )

If you also like to work with the darker theme, It’s good news for you. Google has recently launched the modern dark UI for its google drive products i.e.- Google sheets, google slides and google docs. But the catch of this launch is that this is only enabled for android apps for these products. This mode is still not available for google drive web.

Dark theme mode
Google Slides, Sheets, Docs in Dark theme mode
Image Credit : Google

So this will also help you to work on low-light environments and also save your mobile battery’s life.

How to Set up ?

Well! here you need not to update the settings specifically for the apps. Once you enable the dark theme for your mobile, these apps Slides, Sheets and Docs will automatically adjust their settings and will open in selected theme.

But if you want to work on dark mode, you can go to specific app settings and enable and disable it accordingly.

enable dark mode
Enable/ Disable dark mode in Google Docs

Steps to enable it.

  • Go to respective app i.e. Docs, slides, Sheets
  • Click on the top left Menu (hamburger icon: Menu)
  • Click Settings (gear icon: Settings)
  • Click Choose theme.
  • Click Dark for enabling the dark mode, light for enabling the light theme and System default for enabling the theme according to your android settings.
Preview light mode
Preview in light mode
Image credit: Google

Light mode Preview

Suppose you are working with dark theme in the apps and want to see preview of the document in light mode, how your collaborators will see the document.

  • Go to the respective app on your device.
  • Open the respective document/sheets.
  • Go to top right and click more ( 3 dots icon: ).
  • Click View in light theme.
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Note: This dark mode theme is only available for android Apps, thisĀ  is not available in iOS / iPhone apps or in the web.

Please check out this feature along with other features of docs, slides and sheets and let us know your favorite features.

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