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Google comes up with another gem ‘Save to Google’ in the cloud

The modern day internet users like to keep track of hundreds of articles and write up online, as when they run out of time to read it right away, they simply bookmark it or save it on their browsers for later perusal.

Things like Google Pocket and our browsers bookmark lists are getting longer by the day, and after a prolonged usage, they can become quite unorganized and difficult to navigate through.


Thankfully, Google is introducing new and improved services every day to make our lives easy. One such tool is ‘Save the Google’, that allows you to save anything on the Google cloud, that so just by one click. It is extremely easy to navigate, and highly functional and well designed.

So, how to save data and web pages on ‘Save to Google’?


It is quite straight forward and can be used by below mentioned simple steps:

  1. You will first have to logon to Google Chrome Web store
  2. Then download the ‘Save to Google’ extension
  3. Your tool bar will have a new icon for this extension
  4. You can simply click on this new icon when you are on the web page you wish to save
  5. The pages you save will directly be saved in the cloud, and can be accessed through

This new feature will also allow you to save images and pictures, from your image searches. The steps to save images on the ‘Save to Google’ are quite similar to that of saving the web pages. You only need to tap on the image and then choose from the options. Additionally, these images can even be saved without the Google Chrome extension, though you will need it to save the web pages.

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So why should you use ‘Save to Google’ extension when you can save web pages on your browser as bookmarks?

The answer is quite simple. When you save any web page on your browser, no matter which browser it is, you can only access the information on your own browser. For example, if you have saved something on the laptop browser, then you will not be able to access that information from your smart phone.


With ‘Save the Google’ extension, that dilemma is resolved, because when you save anything on the cloud, you can access it anywhere and anytime, through any device.

This is also different and a lot simpler then Google Pocket, which is a good application, but has too many extension and options. Whereas, Save to Google has a simpler interface and use only the link and your personalized tags.

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