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Google Classroom Extends its Reach in the Classroom Teaching

Getting some extra help to understand their lessons better, can prove to be a big boon for any student, especially when this help comes from either teachers or parents or guardians. However, most experts will tell you, that a good number of students hesitate to ask for this additional help and end up suffering with lower grades.

This is something that can easily be prevented, by bridging the communication gap between parents and teacher. Until now, most school systems use to bridge this gap through various programs, like parents and teachers meetings. Though it has been helpful, but not enough.edu_guardiannotification_a16

Thankfully, Google came up with a new feature in the form of app called ‘Google Classroom’, that will allow the parents to get updates, weekly or daily, about their kids progress in the school.

They will be able to see the problem areas, the upcoming projects or important tests and assignments, and what additional help will be needed. This way, parents can stay on top of their children progress and provide timely help, without being asked.

Though, this is not the only important feature of this launch, there are several others, like the annotate documents. This will give the students a virtual white board, to solve their problems on, they can either write assignments on it, or draw diagrams for mathematical or a hundred other things that they normally prefer to do, or read on a classroom white board.


This particular feature is helping teachers as well, as they can directly grade the problems and answers on the white boards or the annotate document.

Another of such features is the expedition method or as they call it, ‘Google Expeditions’. This app allows students to get a virtual tour of hundreds of sites that can help with their learning.

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They can see countries that are thousands of miles away, for foreign culture projects, or visit the botanicals gardens for an agricultural project or go inside the human body to understand biology in a better way. This option will soon to available to iOS devices as well. That will make it a lot more useful for teacher’s already using iPads for teaching in classrooms, and they will also be able to use the full-screen view.

With these innovative additions, teachers can keep on inspiring the students even if they are in different locations. The additions like expeditions will increase the number of field trips, albeit virtual trips, though they are still going to help the students greatly.

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