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What Is Google Chrome Apps/Extension?

Google is turning out to the most popular name among larger sections of populations these days and people, who were not aware of this term earlier, are getting used to it. With the development of smartphone technology and with the increasing number of people using smartphones, Android is a platform that has made Google reach even larger sections of the community. Now, if you have come across the term ‘Google Chrome Applications or Apps’, you might be interested in knowing what are they? Let us find out here:

Chrome extension

Google Chrome Apps:

These are web applications that run on the most popular Google Chrome Web Browser. You can obtain the applications from the Chrome Web Store. On this store, you can buy or install themes and extensions as well apart from applications. When talking about applications, there are two types and they are packaged applications and hosted applications. These types have different locations of their executable and are prepared with the objective of reaching different use cases.

What are Google Extensions?

Google Extensions are also small software programs that can change or can improve the functionality of the Google chrome browser. Generally, the technicians preparing these extensions generally write them using web technologies like CSS, JavaScript, and HTML. They have little or even no user interface. Extensions are capable of putting together all their files into a single file that is downloaded and installed by the user. When they are put together, as against normal web applications, extensions do not require relying on content from the internet. Once extensions are developed, people can distribute their creation through Chrome Developer Dashboard, such that it will be published in the Chrome Web Store for others to shop.

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