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Google Calendar – A service from Google to balance your work and life

From the time Google started, the company has been trying to provide a collection of services which are life savers for both personal and professional users. To help business users, Google has developed a suite called Google Apps for Work.

Google Calendar is one of them. This App enables you to set reminders, make to-do lists and set goals. In short Google Calendar is a time management service which is available for both web and mobile application.

Manage different calendars

We all will be having different calendars for our professional and personal life. In Google Calendar, you can create separate calendars for birthdays, anniversaries, tasks and other reminders. google-calendar

You can overlay all your calendars so that you do not miss on any of the tasks from the calendars. You can balance your work and life using this feature of Google Calendar. Next, we will look into the steps for creating and managing different calendars in Google Calendar.

  1. Log into Google Calendar from a web browser. You can create a calendar in a browser from a computer or phone. You cannot create a new calendar from Mobile App.
  2. Click on the drop-down menu that is right to the “My Calendars” option.
  3. You will see “Create New Calendar” option. Click on that and you will get a new page to fill in the calendar details.
  4. After giving the entire information click on “Create Calendar”. When you create a new event or reminder, select the calendar to which you want to add that particular reminder or event.

Manage calendars

If you want to overlay your calendars, just select the checkbox that is present to the left of the calendar. Now you will be able to see all the events and tasks in all calendars and can plan your day accordingly.

While creating a calendar you have the option to enter the name, a description of the calendar, location, time zone, and sharing options. You can either make this calendar public or share it with your friends. You can even give different permissions for them while sharing your calendar with them.

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Tip: If you change your mind about the calendar name or any other details you can go to settings from the Google Calendar page and change it. You will get the settings option by clicking on the drop-down menu which is present at right side of “My Calendars”.

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