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Google Calendar makes an appearance in Google Maps

People have been using Google Maps to look up direction for years now. They normally check  the event or the place they need to go on their Google calendar, and punch in the information in Google Maps for directions, or to help find the shortest route. This process may sound easy and short, however, sometimes it can be difficult to achieve without messing up the address or the timing.

Thankfully, Google understand the user needs for an integrated approach, which is why they have now combined the two most useful apps. This means, now Android users will be able to see Google Calendar events on Google Maps along with the directions, that so without any prompting. This release is for worldwide users and available to every Android user.


To use this beneficial feature, you just need to ensure that you are signed in to both Google Maps and Google Calendar, when you open your Google maps. Adding the events to the calendar is equally easy, all you will have to do is: while creating the event in the calendar, make sure you enter the correct address in the ‘where’ box.


Taking this a step forward, they have also added a new feature to show you a list of your upcoming events. Below are the steps to use this new feature:

1. First you will have to open the sidebar menu.

2. Then you can Tap on the option: “Your Place”.

3. And then select the option: “Upcoming”.


With these simple steps you will be able access the list of your future events. In case, you don’t want to see any particular event on the map, you can choose that option as well. Below are the steps for the same:

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1. Tap on the event from the map.

2. Then select or tap on ‘Dismiss’.

This is not all, Google has added a few more feature to save your time and make your day to day interaction easy and hassle free with the app:

1. The starting point for most of the places you go is either your home or your work place. Now, Google Maps give options to save both addresses, which will certainly make  finding directions easy.

2. Just like saving your home and work addresses, you can also save the addresses for places you frequently visit.

3. The best feature of all, you can see the addresses of your contacts, directly on the map, all you have to do is search for the name and you will get the directions.

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