Calendar Module

Google Calendar customization and Manage resources

You can update the your’s Google calendar name, description, id for the users of your domain and you can also modify/update the event details for the users. You can give permission of the user’s calendar to other users also. You can assign any particular user to manage resources.


Hello Guys, Welcome to my tutorial on Google Apps. In this tutorial i will discuss how you can manage different settings in google calendar and being a super admin how you can modulate settings for other users of your Google apps. So i will go to the calendars module now. So you can see this is the calendar interface, these are the events which we created in the last tutorial. If you have not seen the last tutorial. I will advice you to check on that to know about how you can create event and how you can create resources. Now in this tutorial i will talk about how i want to add some one. I will add a user who is present. You can see this user appears in my calendar list. The users who do not have super-admin access can also add their co-workers calendar here, but after adding that calendar will be list here in others calendar and not in my calendars list. This is because we have super- admin access so its appear in my calendar list. I will go to this particular users setting by clicking on calendar settings. I can change his name, i can change the description, i can also change the location and i will click on save. So i changed it for this user now you can see the name has been changed. Again i can also change sharing settings for the user. I will go to share this calendar option. So you can see when you un-tick this option this calendar is not shared with anyone. It is advised to share the calendar with other users so that your colleagues are able to see when you are occupied, when you are free and your assistants may be able to see when they can set a meetings for you with your colleagues. Now you should share this calendar with see all event details permission, now you can also make this calendar public like people outside the organisation can also see this calendar. Again you can also share this calendar with someone who is present in the organisation like this calendar is shared with this user with see all event details permission, you can see 4 types of permissions here. Make changes and manage sharing is the highest and you should give it when you want this particular user to take over setting change and other responsibilities of your calendar. Suppose i will give this see all event. Suppose i will remove this calendar and i will try to add it again, so you see that it has been added with see all events details. i will click on save and you see changes has been saved. Some times as we saw we have created some resources in the last tutorial, there you may need to manage those resources like a person who is managing those resources should have particular accesses. I will show you, i will go to the list of resources now ..into the calendar module and there is to list of resources. Here you see there is 1 resource, i will click on that resource so this is the email id of this particular resource, I will copy this email ID. You see this is the resource ID, this will also come in place i will tell you about it later. As of now we see the this is the email ID. I will add it here as we added added the user’s calendar. Now you see that it appears in my MY calendars list. As a super-admin I will go to calendar settings and if i want to share the calendar, this is already shared with the user. If i want to share this calendar, i will give make changes and manage sharing access setting so that this user is able to modify setting and other custom setting for this particular calendar. Now you see this projector room 1 details can also be changed in the general tab, calendar details tab. I can modify the name, i can give description and ig your organisation sustaining worldwide. then you may have rooms which have to be set with different time zones. I can also change it randomly. You can also click on this option, it will display all time zones. I will click something some time zone and select it and save it. So that particular country and time zone has been set. So there should be no confusion when user is trying to book the calendar. So in this tutorial we talked about how you can manage a resource. Now if you want, you can also hide the calendar from the list or you can also go to your calendar settings and then you can unsubscribe from this calendar. If you do not want to see it in the list. So now we can see that the calendar should be removed from this list. So yeah …it was projector room 1, it is removed from here. Now you see that the user to whom you gave access to that particular room. He/ she should be able to modulate the settings for that particular calendar resource because you being a super-admin will not be able to handle every resource, you may have thousand of resource in your and you may not be able to handle each and every resource, this is very handy, i think you understood what i was talking about in this tutorial. If you still have any doubts, you an always give feedback and respond in comments, we will come up with reply ASAP . Thank you

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Descriptive Explanation:

Google Calendar Customization

For creating event, you need to go to calendar module(every user can access on your domain). open calendar

You can go to calendar module directly as or you can go as per the screenshot. In the calendars page you can see your Google calendar with your schedule.

Google Calendar page

Now you can add the your user’s calendar/ resource by putting the email id of user/ resource in the blank space in the other calendars tab as in the screenshot


Add colleage's calendar


Now your colleagues google calendar will be added in my calendars list (if you are a super admin other wise in other calendars)


Google Calendar module


As here you can see ‘sas dash'(user) is in My calendar Now you can click on the user calendar’s. You can open the calendar setting page by clicking on the the more option beside the user’s name(as in screenshot).


Calendar basic info


You can change your Google calendar details here like name, description, time zone etc and click on save. You can also change sharing settings for the user’s calendar. Here(above screenshot) you can see the sharing settings option. Here you can give access of users calendars to other users as per the requirement. you can set the visibility setting of the schedule of the user, after updating the settings click on save.


calendar sharing settings

Manage Resource

For managing the resources you can assign any particular resource to a particular user. Add the resource in your My calendar list as you added the user’s google calendar. Go to the calendar module from google apps console and then click resources tab and then click the particular resource(for which you want to update details and give the managing access to any particular user). Copy the email ID of the resource.

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email ID of resource


Add the resource and follow the steps to update the details of resource and give the access to the users in the sharing settings .


share resource


Now the user will manage the resource. He will approve/reject the events.

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