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Google Assistant has just got more conversational

Google Assistant is like our own personal Google always accompanying and helping us out. You can ask anything like assistance for flight status or translate the language, tell it to do things for you like turn off the light, call a friend, send a message. Google is always at your rescue. The smart google assistant is not only available on your phone but now you can also have one at your home.

Too bored to type and explain? No problem, you can now talk to Google assistant with Google Home by not even lifting a finger. Just start with Ok Google and now you can turn up the party music, play jazz or do whatever you wish to.


Some of the features of Google Home are

  • Just Say Hey: The voice command by default is Ok Google. But can also say Hey Google to interact and get your work done.
  • Translate into a different language: You can ask Google home to translate any word into a specific language of your interest.
  • Change Temperature of your house: All you have to say is Ok Google set the temperature to 18 degrees. And your job is done without you even lifting your finger
  • Interest with a sensitive touch: You can change the volume by sliding the finger to the slide. It has some inbuilt features for touch control.

  • Be a chef at your home: Fan of cooking? Seek assistance from Google. It has a fantastic feature to read out loud the recipes and instruction to you during the process of cooking.
  • Turn off the lights it’s time to sleep: Have Google compatible smart lights? Just say Ok Google turn off the lights and home will shut off your lights.
  • Add Multiple Users to you home: You and your family together can use the Google home now. All you need to do is, create a new account and say Hey Google or Ok Google multiple times and Google will be able to recognize who is talking.
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Google Home

  • Schedule calendar appointments: No need to remember your appointments. Also, your changes for missing out on something is now negligible. Just ask Google to set up your appointments and Google will take up the job of reminding you of the same.
  • Hands-free calls: Ask Google to call up your friend and there you are connected.
  • Speak in natural language: You need not type in keywords anymore, you can speak out loud in natural language and it will try decoding it.
  • Availability: Google Assistant is always available with you whenever you need it. Whether you are at home or on the go, google is there for you.
  • Read and reply to your messages: Google Assistant is smart enough to manage your SMS as well. Ask it to show your messages and you will be able to see the unread texts. If you ask Do I have any messages, then be ready for Google Assistant to read your messages out loud.
  • Customize your morning news: You can incorporate different categories like weather, google calendar reminders, traffic scenes. Get your daily news with Assistant.
  • Stay Connected: Play music, watch a movie is now even easier.
  • Delete some questions: You can also delete previously messages or questions by date.
  • Takes care of your privacy: If you do not want Google to listen to everything that you can, just press the mute button located on the back of the device and your always listening feature will get disabled.

In this world of artificial intelligence, a lot more can be achieved. Use Google home with Assistant and make your life simpler.

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