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Google Arts & Culture – Explore the past of Earth

Google has always been keen in providing amazing and wonderful features to its users. This time, I am going to take you to the Google Art & Culture lab where you get to explore the natural history of the earth.

We all know that millions of years ago the earth was ruled by dinosaurs and ocean by sea dragons. But we have seen these creatures only in some of the Hollywood movies, and natural museums educate us about the anatomy of these vicious animals.

In this September, Google Arts & Culture has brought a new world of natural history in front of us to explore the past. Google, with the help of more than 50 leading natural history institutions has brought this past world to life.

Google has recreated these animals using virtual reality. You can now see the dinosaurs and sea dragons which are extinct millions of years ago from the face of the earth. You can see the tallest animal (Giraffatitan – twice tall as giraffes) lived on earth which comes to life with VR technology.

Till now all these information was available only in the museums and only to the scientists. Google worked with renowned paleontologists, ecologists, and biologists to bring these creatures back to life.

You have to remember that scientists and museums have got only the skeletal structure of these animals and Google had to put skin and flesh to these skeletons to bring them alive. Google has done a good job in doing that and if you want to enjoy the best experience use Google Cardboard.

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What else other than Virtual Reality?

Natural History is just a part of Google Arts & Culture. It has several other categories for you to explore our earth from the comfort of your home. Below are the categories made available through this project of Google.

  • You can travel in time and study the history of the earth in that particular era by going to the exhibition “Scrolling through history”. This presentation provides you information from the origin of solar system till today.
  • Google offers you the option to explore the diversity of our nature (about different species) in different chapters.
  • You can learn about your ancestors and how they looked like. Google even provides a street view of New York with dinosaurs and a 360-degree view of natural history museums (30 + museums around the world).
  • If you thought this is only about natural history, then you have got it wrong. Google has created a separate section for cultural and political history also. You get to study about the famous persons and events in world’s history along with a gallery of paintings of different centuries.

How to access

You can access this using web browser and mobile app. Log into your Google account in and you can explore all these features. As of now, this is a beta version. But I am sure this is going to be an encyclopedia in no time. You can search for different categories by clicking on the hamburger button in the top left corner of the page. Have a pleasant time traveling and exploring various cultures.

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