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Now GASMO (Google apps sync for Microsoft outlook) is known as Google Suite sync for Microsoft outlook(GSSMO). As google apps name has been changed to Google Suite,

Google Apps Sync for Microsoft Outlook shortly called as GASMO is nothing, but a plugin for Microsoft outlook. The purpose of this plugin is to let the use of the mail service from Microsoft for effective management of Google application mail, contacts, and calendar. These google applications can be used along with journal entries, tasks and Outlook Notes on the Microsoft service. The excellent thing about this plugin is that it impeccably syncs tasks, notes, contacts and calendar events between the user’s Google Profile in Outlook and his/her Google applications account in the cloud. This, in turn, will permit the user to access the same information at any required time from any device from which the Google applications are accessed.

What happens on the installation of GASMO?

Once Google Apps Sync for Microsoft Outlook (GASMO) is installed, the user will have the option to transfer his/her contacts, calendar, mail and other data from the old profile on Outlook. Nevertheless, if all that is needed is a transfer of data, such that the outlook is not going to be used anymore, it is better to opt for Google Apps Migration for Microsoft Outlook as against GASMO.


Ideal time to use:

If an individual has recently switched to Google Applications from Microsoft Exchange or even some other service from Outlook, GASMO can be the best choice to make the transition smooth.

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With these things said about GASMO, many users have a doubt whether they can continue using Outlook plugins and will they work and let us find the answer here:

The thing to remember here is that most plugins should continue to function as earlier. However, some plugins get automatically disabled during the installation process because of incompatibility with GASMO. Some of these plugins include Acrobat PDF Marker Toolbar and Outlook Change Notifier. In addition, it is also recommended disabling any anti-virus plugins. The reason for this is that they can generally lead to inconsistent behavior in syncing.

Permission offered by GASMO:

GASMO permits the users to use Microsoft Outlook 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013 and 2016 in an effective manner with Google applications. With this plugin, the users will be able to get reliability, security and cost savings of Google Applications, while employees can use the interface they prefer for notes, calendar, contacts, and emails. The Google Apps sync download encompasses Google Apps Migration for the Microsoft mail service for importing existing data to Google.

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