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Google Apps Lockup will be disabled from 26th September 2016

Google and its app is a boon to the modern day smart phone devices and with their lookup services which were used to view any apps in the Google directory it transformed the mobile application market place to a whole new different level.


After some long drawn discussions and meetings, just before the birthday celebration of Google, they have decided to stop all their application lock up services to be disabled and no android devices prior to android 2.3 that is Ginger bread, one of the most popular android operating system few years back, will not be able to use this feature.

For this, Google has issued a custom messages and here the tips that are recommended by the Google to the application admins:

  • They have to identify users who use android operating system which runs on android 2.1, which was named as Éclairs and android 2.3, which is the gingerbread operating system of the android. They now have to make their application custom built and if they are hosting their app on their own domain then ‘OS android’ search operator has to be incorporated.
  • They will also help their user to assist them in updating their android application, and if they fail to do so, these applications will crash and will not run in the android operating system from now on.

It is advised to the users to check for the version of android they are using, which can be located at: setting -> about device -> android version, the names of these fields may vary according to the make and model of their smart phone.

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Users who have already installed Google application look up before September 2016, will be able to use this feature, however from September 26th, this application will not be available in the Google play store, and the functionality of the same will be questionable as Google will not sponsor any of its update after this date.

The target users are all the users who are using android devices prior to android version honey comb, though most devices are not available in this range, people who are already using ice cream sandwich operating system need not worry about this update at all for the time being.

The update is on roll, and has been effective, while its full feature will be visible in two to three days at the max.

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