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What is Google Apps AdWords Certification and tips to get certified

What is Google Apps AdWords Certification?

The Google Apps AdWords certification is a certificate offered for professionals who are proficient in the features of AdWords and online marketing. By this certification you can tell others that you are competent enough in the field of online advertising.

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What is Google AdWords App?

This App basically helps you to monitor and view your Ad’s performance on the go. There are two types of Apps. One is the basic one (AdWords) using which you can monitor your campaign’s performance and get notifications about that. Second one is the AdWords Express which along with the features of basic one also gives the freedom to create and edit your Ad Campaigns.

Google adwords app

Requirements to get certified

You have to pass in two exams of AdWords Certification in order to get certified. One is the AdWords fundamentals and in any specialized field of online advertising. The options available are Display advertising, Video advertising, Search advertising, Shopping advertising or Mobile advertising.

get certified with google AdWords Certification

Google Partners account

In order to attend the Google AdWords certification you have to have a Google Partners account. You get access to the free study materials once you sign up for Google Partners. An advertising agency becomes a Google Partner only after any of the members becomes certified. By Signing up alone an agency will not be badged as Google Partner. The best part is you can get certified free of cost. You do not have to pay any fees for sitting or signing up for certification.

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Passing Scores and time

For each exam you have to score 80%. For AdWords fundamentals, Search advertising and Display advertising the time available is 120 minutes. For other three exams the time limit is 90 minutes. If you do not pass the exam you can attend for certification after 7 days. There is an expiration period of one year for this certification and you have to retake the exams to stay certified.

Tips for Google Apps AdWords certification

Hands on Google Apps AdWords: Make sure you get hands on with Google Apps AdWords enough before you attend the exam to help you pass in the exams. You can download the App from Google PlayStore.

Study the materials: Read through the materials available in Google Partners Help page patiently you will be able to memorize and pass the exams.

Timer does not pause: Make sure you are not interrupted once you start the certification because the timer would not stop or pause even if the computer turns off or the internet connection is disconnected.

Select the right answer: Make sure that you have selected the correct answer before you click next. Once you click next you cannot attend previous questions.

Adwords videos and material

Both exams back to back: Sit for both the papers within a period of 2 or 3 days before you forget what you studied for the first exam because lot questions are similar.

Check the Videos: You can get videos and materials in the AdWords Help too. Do not ignore the videos since they give almost the same experience you get from using the AdWords.

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