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Gmail “Undo send” feature

We all have been through it, the embarrassment well written on our face when we sent out a mail without the intended attachment or without the complete content, even worse if it is sent to the wrong address. Some times this harmless error can prove quite costly and be a reason for mental trauma. Microsoft Outlook, the most popular mail client had the recall feature, which though a handy option was not consisted as the duration before which you can recall a sent message was not standard and consistent.  In fact, no webmail has an effective solution to this issue. Ideally, the only solution was to be careful while drafting an email.

Last year, in the month of June Gmail, the popular mail service rolled out another mind blowing feature known as the “Undo Send” feature.  Though this was available as an option to be enabled in the Gmail Labs features for almost six years, not many were able to adopt it as any feature or add-on listed in the Gmail Labs, not matter how effective and useful they may be, are still considered to be trial-ware and run the risk of suddenly disappearing.

The ‘Undo send’ feature

Undo send

This newly added feature gives you the time to rethink about the mails you send. Sometimes you may end up thinking that you should not have sent that email or you forgot to add something in the mail. But what to do you have already sent the mail and no way to undo that. Not anymore, Gmail has a feature “Undo send” feature, which will give you maximum of 30 seconds to think and cancel the email.

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How does Gmail ‘Undo send’ feature works?UNdo send

It is easy to understand Gmail “Undo send” feature. We know that Gmail has a facility called Drafts which auto-saves the mails in intervals so that in case the power goes off or internet connection is disconnected. You do not have to type the whole mail again; just have to edit the mail from drafts. These drafts are saved in the Gmail servers until you click on send. Gmail has used this by just waiting for some seconds more

How to avail Gmail ‘Undo send’ feature

  1. Log into your Gmail account.
  2. Click on the settings (the gear icon) to the top right corner, and then select settings from drop down menu.
  3. In General tab scroll down till you find “Enable Undo Send” check box.

UNdo send


  1. Select the check box and set ‘Send Cancellation Period’. The maximum time available is 30 seconds.

Once you send the mail the email stays in the Gmail server for 30 seconds before sending it to the recipient. When you click on the send button you will get a yellow notification at the top of the page saying ‘Your message has been sent. Undo. View Message”.  Just click on the ‘Undo’ link and the message stays in the drafts for you to edit or delete.




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