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Get More Insights of your spreadsheet

Analyzing data in the spreadsheet can be a challenging task for even a spreadsheet pro or data analyst. Getting the meaningful insights from the bunch of data can be now easier with the help of artificial intelligence and machine learning. Now you can instantly get the results and empower your organization’s technical and data analyst.

Google has already launched ‘Explore‘ tool in the sheet some months ago, which uses machine learning to help users to analyze the data. Now google has added some more new machine learning feature with google sheets. Now sheets will give you more insights/suggestions on pivot table and sheet formulas in a more easy way.

Pivot Table Insights

Creating pivot table manually is a bit trickier with bulk data and with the required pattern. But now of your data is organized, sheet will intelligently suggest you some pivot tables. You can also ask sheet for some questions in the explore section like “how much revenue does each product category generate?” and sheet will suggest you the related required pivot table.

In case, you are creating the pivot table manually, Google sheets will help you by showing some relevant pivot tables in the editor section.

Formula Suggestions

We generally use formulas to make a good analytic report of data. Now machine learning will be helping you here to get the answers more quickly and intuitively.  when you enter ”=” for your formula, sheets will suggest you some formulas according to the data present in the sheet.

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Some more features

Google has added refreshed new customizable headers for rows and columns in the pivot table.

Show your data differently – Now you can see the % data for every field with respect to total value. Once the data is populated on the cell, right click on the cell to see the details of the data. Google has also added some new format features for rows to make your table more fine-tuned.

Waterfall Charts – This is a new type of charts, which is best to see the sequential data. To see the data in the this chart type, select Insert > chart and choose waterfall in chart type picker.

Import data – While copy pasting data, you will not need to set a delimiter to fill data in columns, Now google sheets will automatically paste the data in the formatted columns

These new sheet features will be released with rapid release for G-suite users and will be released to everyone with the scheduled release.

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