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Google has been an innovator of sort for a very long time. Their creative thoughts have broken the barriers of communication and simplified our lives to a large extent. Having dominated the search engine space and the online advertising industry, they forayed into emails and productivity apps. Already dominating the smartphone through their Android platform, they have touched almost every aspect of our life. Way back in 2014, Google had launched Google Cast. The Google Cast was a Google Chrome extension that enables you to view or stream content from websites to your TV screen using the Chromecast device. For those of you who are pondering over what is Chromecast, it is time to get updated.

What is Chromecast


Chromecast is actually a hardware device and not a service offered by Google. It is a media streaming device that can be plugged into the HDMI port of your television set if it happens to have one. Using the Chromecast you can cast your favorite movies, TV shows, sport, music, games etc. just with the help of a mobile device. The Chromecast device is compatible with Android smartphones and tablets, iPhone, iPad, Mac, Windows Laptops and of course Chromebooks. All that you had to do was open up a cast enabled app such as Netflix on your smartphone or tablet and tap the “Cast” button.

The integration of Google Chrome and Cast

Knowing Google, they are not one to rest on their laurels. Their latest offering in this space is Chromecast audio devices and now Chromecast is built into Google Chrome completely. What does this imply? Well, now anyone using Google Chrome can cast without the need to install or separately configure any device or service. If the website that you are viewing is integrated with Cast, you will see the Cast icon appear while viewing them provided you are on the same network as the Cast device.

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All it takes is a few clicks that will make the content of the website be “cast” on the TV screen or play the music using its speakers. In fact, now you can also view websites that are not integrated with Cast by clicking or tapping the “Cast…” option from the Chrome menu. Just click the “options” button (the three lines at the top right of the Chrome screen). You should see the “Cast” option between the “Print” and “Find” options. If you do not find this, probably you do not have the latest version of Chrome. It is time to update your Chrome browser to the latest version to enjoy the latest feature and enhanced security.


The latest addition enables you to cast your screen even to somebody with whom you are on a video call, using Google Hang Outs. In fact, you can even cast it to multiple participants in the video call. To further their cause of using technology to improve the education system, Google has launched a new app called “Cast for education”. Using this app one can share a presentation, a tutorial or the contents of their screen with their peers.

With all these added features, Google Cast is taking the established leaders in entertainment and communication by storm. Watch out for further innovations!

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