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GBoard – the new keyboard is now available on Play Store!

The so widely used Google Keyboard now has a new name and a whole lot of features in it – introducing the GBoard which makes your love for Google keyboard pound up a little more!

With glide typing, speed accuracy and even voice typing GBoard has everything that comes naturally in Google Keyboard with a Google Search built in. With GBoard you can send GIFs, search information, search and share information, use emojis and so much more. And as an added joy the GBoard also has the multilingual advantage to typing in several language and switch between them whenever you want.

Searching and sharing from keyboard

With GBoard searching while chatting is possible. Why shift between the browser and chat to find the weather and make meeting plans or help your friend do online shopping when you can do it from the chat itself. GBoard makes interactions while searching on Google possible to share with your friends and talk with more clarity.

The Emoji and GIF effects

Now you can make your chat fun by exploring emojis and GIFs and sharing them instantly. You do not need to scroll the whole emoji menu to find the perfect emoji, just search the word, and it is there! Or you can get a GIF for the perfect reaction to the chat. GIF sharing is working today with Allo, Google Messenger, and Hangouts with its extension to more apps soon.

So the next time you have to share a video or reaction with a friend, don’t switch apps just search and send!

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Smart typing with speed

GBoard is assisted by smart mind which makes smart typing with speed possible. The glide typing, predictive texts, and auto-corrections help you while you are typing and enhance your speed by choosing the word with just a few letters. This is also great for the multilingual language users who get their typing corrected instantly with no spelling mistakes or grammar corrections. Just select the language and type and GBoard is smart to guide you to the language usage while typing.

With the introduction of GBoard the Google Keyboard and typing experience sees a vast change and is launched in about 100 languages as of now! In coming months the facility will be extended more languages and apps. You can download the GBoard from Play Store and update your phone with a new way of conversing with search, swipe and send!

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