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For working professionals, time is one of the most important commodity, they would do anything, learn to use any new complicated or easy tool that may help them in saving on some time. Unfortunately, given the demands of the competitive world we live in, it’s not always easy.

It does not mean that they don’t want to save time, but things like documentations and presentations have a tendency to take time, while creation. Since, their purpose is not only to give the beholder, or the audience, a sense of the project, but also to make it easy and interesting. However, to create such a document or presentation, the professionals have to devote a lot of time.

Thankfully, Google understands this need of delivering quality presentations or Docs, and that so, as quickly as possible. Keeping this in mind they introduced Explore in Slides, Docs and Sheets. Since, it come with built in machine intelligence, it helps the professionals and their teams to create, better than good, presentations or docs or sheets, in only a fraction of time that was previously required to complete the same task.


Below are some of the new tools available in Explore that will further reduce the time you spend on creating amazing documents and slides:

1. Find the owners of the task with ease to assign action items:

All working professionals will testify to the fact that they have to spend hours searching, who own what and which action item should go to which department or employee. Then consider a master sheet of a midsize office environment, and the tasks and ideas in that sheet.

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It could take days to figure out the right owners. However, now with Natural Language Processing, all you will have to do is type the task on your desktop and it will automatically suggest the right person, that task belongs to. You can also use the manual assignment option, by simply typing the name of the concerned person in the mobile or the desktop app. The assignee will get an email, and you will be all done.

2. Spend less time on attention items:


A lot of employees have to spend hours searching through the documents, to ensure all the action items under their name are closed. However, with this new tool, once the item is assigned to them, they will see badge on any action item that needs their attention. They will also see suggestion made by others for the unresolved issues.

3. Forms will make it easy to ask questions:


Creating a questioner form is always tricky. However, with the help of Forms, you will get an intelligent tool at your disposal, which means when you start a questioner; it will automatically prompt you to choose the potential responses and create the form based on the work you are doing.

4. The voice commands:

Now, you can not only type using voice commands, but format document, be it the fonts or the color or any over detail, with a simple voice command, in the natural language.

5. No more switching required:


Google has partnered with Slack’s that allows you to bring Docs, slides or sheets directly into the conversions, helping you save time and energy.

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