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Funny Google Tricks To Start Your Day With

Most of us love Google search engine and even some people are of the opinion that they cannot imagine a day without using this search engine. But, besides being useful for you in completion of many of your tasks, you might be surprised to know that this search engine also offers funny google tricks that will help you begin your workday with utmost enjoyment and fun to carry out all the tasks in your hand with utmost enthusiasm.

Not just for beginning the day, but also for freshening yourself, this search engine offers you some wonderful tricks that are fun-filled. Here are some tricks that will give you enjoyable experience in this search engine:

funny google tricks :do a barrel rollDo you want your search engine to get a 3600 spin, just for fun? Yes, you can just see your search engine get an entire clockwise spin before it shows up the results page.

All you have to is to just type the term ‘barrel roll’ in your Google Search box. You will see the wonder happening in front of your eyes.

This is one of the funny Google tricks that will relax you from a sleepy first hour after lunch, such that you can briskly begin your works with the same level of enthusiasm as in the morning.

funny google tricks: ZErg Rush

Can you imagine that you can make the words disappear line by line in your search engine result page? This is yet another funny trick to see the letter ‘o’ coming from the top of your search engine result page making the lines disappear one after the other and finally once all the lines are cleared, all the ‘os’ will jointly come up to the center of the result page to join together to form two letters.

To see this trick happen, you will have to type ‘zerg rush’ in your search box in Google. This fun Google tricks will also relax you and to begin the day it will make you enthusiastic.

Do you know what is Zerg Rush? It is actually a game created by Google and the aim of this game is to destroy the ‘o’s’ before they actually destroy the letters in the result page. The ‘o’s’ can be destroyed by clicking on them with mouse.

Do you want the word ‘blink’ to blink in your search engine result page? Just search for the term ‘Blink HTML’ and see the eye-catching results!

Google Askew

Search Askew in Google and tilt your head a little to see all the google result, Yes, its bit amusing!! Google will tilt the result page a little when you search Askew in Google.

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atari breakout

Do you like Arcade games? Everyone loves games, so sitting idle in your home or getting bored with your work, take a break and search “Atari Breakout” in google images search page or search Atari breakout then click on images in the top bar of the result page. Google will take you to famous brick breaking game and handle you the control to play the game.

Pac man


Do you not like the above game or get bored with playing the same game. So want to  play Pac-man. Pac-man will revived your memory to your child hood, right!! then go  to and google logo will appear as Pac-man path then you can start your Pac-man journey.


Search for recursion in google and get stuck in the loop. Click on the suggestion of google and you will see the same thing again and again .

Google image searchDo you want to search for something that you cannot explain in words? You can just click on the camera icon that can be found on the right side corner of your Google Search box.

When you click on this camera, you will see that it will open my computer from where you can upload the photo for which you will have to search details.

You will get results in the form of similar photos on the net. If you wish that your photo should float on the web, you can use this trick


Remember, in our childhood we always wanted LEGO to play to build our own house or our office or our boat. So do you have still some child hood left, start Building  your dream house or your dream office etc, Go to  Build with chrome and start building your stuff anywhere in the world.

Google gives you option to choose your own place any where in the world. Sign in to your google account and save all the your creations.


Do you Believe in Magic !! its time to show it to your friends!

Go to – It looks similar to google.Place your cursor over OO and then click the cursor anywhere on the screen. After 3 seconds OO will disappear.

Then again go to Blank space (OO blank space) and click it anywhere in the screen. OO will come back.Now Click anywhere in the screen. It will redirect you to page

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We all know about the gravitational force (Thanks to Newton). what will you say if i say that, you can see the gravity effect on your desktop. Stunned! Go to Google Gravity and see the result your self.

All the parts will split and fall down due to gravity force of the Google. Now you can play with all the splited part of the pages, pick and throw any part in the page and it will fall down again.


This is yet another funny google tricks, When you go  to Google sphere , Google will adjust all the items in a rotating sphere.

You can also control the rotating speed of the sphere by your mouse. The far you take your mouse courser from the sphere, the Sphere’s speed will increase more.

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flipping a coinDon’t have a coin for toss, Just go to google and search ‘flip a coin’ and google will flip coin for you. And if you have a mobile, press the mic icon in google search and say ‘flip a coin’ and google will do the rest.

Hey!!….thinking you can’t remember all funny google tricks….Here is a HUB of google fun N Play tricks.


You can Play guitar, Google Mirror, underwater search, play snake game, pac-man game and many more…just go to and surpeise yourself with the package of FUN with Google 😉

And you can go to new tricks by clicking on next google trick present in the both side of the page.

  • Google Mirror

When you open the above link, you will see the google mirror. You will see everything mirror inverted, To see it correct, you will have to bring a mirror and see it there 😉

Searching anything in google will also results in mirror inverted view.


  • Google Tilt

You can find tilt feature here also, altough searching ‘askew ‘ in google will also tilt the google search page. This will tilt the google page a bit as in the screenshot. 

HUb of fun


  • Play Google Guitar

Don’t worry about learning ..Notes are also given for play some famous songs.


  • Play ever green Snake Game

Don’t think too much…wake up your inner child and start playing ..SNAKE GAME

snack game


Do you like scuba diving: Google anything Under water. 


So these are the list of some awesome google tricks, Hope you like it.

Please let us know in comment section if you know any more tricks 🙂

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