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Some Funniest chrome extensions to cheer you up

Thinking of doing something funny for the day, something out of the box. Well !! to have some fun, of course, we will talk about something technical in our other articles. Let’s do something funny to have a good laugh for your day. We have listed some most funny chrome extensions for you, which you can install in your or your friend’s (Yes! you see it right, we will tell you the reason below) chrome and enjoy it. 

1.  Website Destroyer 

Have you played the PC destroying game where you can destroy your PC screen using different weapons?  Now this is available for your websites. You can install the website destroyer extension and destroy any website using lots of various weapons like flamethrower, grenade, RPG, knife, lasers, hammers and axes, etc. You can release your anger by showing your hatred towards your friend’s profile or site or any photos/videos.

2. Edit Anything Extension

Chrome’s Edit Anything extension gives you flexibility to change anything in the open site. You can modify the news, Wikipedia or social media posts on friend’s system and make them surprised. You can customized the tweets to Adam Sandler saying hello to your friend.

funny chrome extension

3.   Troll your Friends

This is one of my favorite extension to have the fun with my friends. This extension will do many funny things in web pages, But for this, You have to find it that how you install this on your friend’s laptop.

This extension will do some funny things when you/your friend open any websites, like every element of the site just start flying, and all items will change color after some regular intervals and many more things. I am leaving those things for your surprise. Troll your friends apps gives you full control, which type of joke you want to play with your friends.

4. Jailbreak the Patriarchy

This app is also to troll your friends like the above one, and you will have to think again of some excuse and install this extension to your friend’s desktop. This will mess up with the gender of any web page contents. Jailbreak the Patriarchy will change the sex of your search to the opposite one, for example, “Juke is an actor” who worked in X-men.this will change it into “Juke is an actress, who worked in X-women.” It includes all gender related words like his, her, son, daughter, father etc. 

Just try it out and enjoy the reaction of your friends.

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5. Nothing

Yes!! the name says it all, it does nothing. It will not take any memory, not affect your browsing also, but it’s a good one, this one does not troll your friends, but it will surely bring entertain you.

It will show ‘N’ button in your extension list, clicking on it will take you to  nothing extension page in web store.

Till this extension is doing nothing, you can look into some very interesting gmail tricks to cheer you up.

So, here is the list of some time-killing and funny chrome extensions. Let us know if you know some more funny extension. We will add it to the list. 

Tried these in your friends ???, Not Yet !!  Just wait for the opportunity and try it and let us know, how it went. 

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