Free Google Apps Scripts: Learn and Share

Google Apps Script is the javascript based cloud solution, through which you can build many web applications to automate many of your tasks.

You can use scripts with all google services like google sheets, docs, Gmail, calendar, sites etc and learn many new things with enjoying the automation. It’s a javascript platform available on the cloud.

We will see some of the up and running google apps scripts, which you can implement with your google (Gmail or google apps) account and use it easily.

Mail Merge – Send emails in bulk with your Gmail account.

Uptime Monitor – Create your own site’s uptime monitor, it will check site uptime status and mail you if any site is down.

Group list of user – It fetches the all groups of a user and respective roles of that user in that group.


We will add more apps script if you have any script or ideas. please let us know, we will feature this on our site.