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Find time for your goals automatically with Google calendar

Google calendar is one of the many handy features available to you once you create a Google account. Using Google Calendar you can set goals, schedule meetings, set reminders to do a particular task and most importantly you can see all your calendars at one place. Google Calendar works with all calendars in your device including Exchange Calendars. Google Calendar is available as an android app as well as web based feature once you sign into your Google account. You can create a particular event to which you can invite your colleagues or friends.

“Find time” for you by Google Calendar

This is the new update rolled out by Google for Calendar App. As of now this feature is available only for Google Calendar App however you can view all the goals created from your computer. The App automatically schedules the sessions after checking other events and tasks. If you create another conflicting event the Calendar reschedules the sessions. The more you create goals the better the scheduling becomes as it adjusts to your preferences fast.

create goal

  1. Create Goal in the Google Calendar  App and it will give you some categories like exercise, Family & Friends, Me time and build a skill.
  2. Select your goal from any of these categories or yadd your own goal to appropriate category by selecting the “custom” option.
  3. Then answer some questions like “How often”, “For how long”, “Best time” and follow on-screen directions to set up your goal and tap the tick mark.
  4. Calendar will automatically add sessions for you goal which can be adjusted later.
  5. You can mark the goal as done by Tapping “Mark as Done”, the session will be removed from the calendar.
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Share Google calendar

Now let me explain another feature of Google Calendar which is only possible from a computer, not mobile App. The “Share Google calendar” option enables you to share your calendar with others and a group of to create/edit one calendar. You can even share Google Calendar to the public but be aware that your calendar will be listed to public in Google searches. The procedure is as follows:-

1. Log into calendar in a computer and select the Calendar that you want to share from My Calendars.

share this calendar

2. Click on the arrow that is right to the selected calendar and choose the option “Share this calendar”.share calendar

3. Under “Share with specific people” give the email ID of the person and select the permission settings as required. You can add multiple email addresses by clicking “Add Person”.

4. Click on save option to share Google Calendar.

This sums up the steps to share Google Calendar.

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