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Feeling lazy!! Here is voice typing for you

Feeling lazy!! Here is voice typing for you, the feature that enables you to record what you say in text format. You just need to say and the voice typing facility from Google will type it for you. This is mainly used in Google docs.voice typing

How to enable voice typing

  1. Open the Google Doc and go to Tools.
  2. Click on the option Voice Typing (short cut key is Ctrl + Shift + S)
  3. You will get a small window with black microphone inside or will get a message with it saying “Google Docs cannot turn on your microphones”.
  4. If the warning message is shown you have to enable the permission to access the microphone. For this go to settings in Google Chrome – >settings -> Advanced Settings ->Content Settings (you may have to scroll down a little bit). You will get a new window for Content settings. Scroll down in that window and in Microphone section select the option “Ask when a site requires access to your microphone”. Then click on the button done. Re-open the Google docs and select the voice typing option.microphone Chrome settings
  5. Once the voice typing is enabled click on the microphone icon in the pop-up box and start speaking (typing).

The voice typing understands simple punctuations like period, coma, exclamatory mark or question mark. If you want to start a new paragraph, simply say new paragraph or new line. The feature works efficiently in a quite environment. The Google docs will notify you to use a microphone or to move to a quieter place in case the App is unable to capture what you are speaking.  The voice typing works with Android and iOS devices. You have to check whether the small mic icon is displayed in the keyboard of the device before starting. If it is not enabled just go to ‘Language and Input” settings and enable the mic.

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