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Enable and Enforce 2 step verification

Two step verification is the extra layer of security added in Google apps. Where user will have to enter one extra verification password (except Google password)while logging in. To tighten the security of your domain you can enforce 2 step verification to your users.


Hello Guys, Welcome back to my tutorial on Google apps. In this section we will discuss how you can enable 2-step verification to all the users or else we can say how we can enforce 2 – step verification. So i go to security section here, If you click on basic setting, there is an option Two-Step verification. So we have to turn on this option. So let me tell you briefly what is 2sv. 2 step verification is a process which adds a extra layer of security to all your Google accounts, whenever you want to login into a account, after entering the password it will ask for a extra code or extra authentication process will be needed and after that only the accounts will be granted access so will talk about it now, I enabled 2 step verification here now either i can save changes or i can also go to advance settings so let me go to advance settings to enforce 2- step verification. So here some settings are there you can either enable it for per Ou or you can enable it for whole organisation. So here you can set the date. So we have to enable 2 step verification here, save changes. So you see your settings have been saved and then only we can go to advance settings here and set some extra settings like turn on enforcement from date or turn on enforcement now, according to their requirement, Suppose i choose turn on enforcement now and i save changes. You cannot enable this since you have not enrolled 2 step verification. Actually this ID is not enrolled with 2 step verification now i go to Google account, I go to this link here. When you search Google you can get how you can configure 2 step verification. This page will pop-up and you can start set up. I will go into my account so here, which phone should we send codes to?, you have to choose your country and you have to enter a phone number here. After that you can choose text message or voice call and they will send a code which you have to enter in a subsequent steps and you can set up your account. There are actually 3 types of verification which you can do one is through back up codes, one is through the code which goes to your phone or there is also an Google authenticater app, which i will discuss in our next tutorials through which you can also get 2 step verification codes. So this will be pretty easy for you, you can see 1, 2 ,3 , 4 steps are there and you can set up your account.

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Descriptive Explanation:

As you have seen the video but if still you are confused then you can follow the provided steps with screenshots:

First you need to go to security console from admin console.

Admin Console


In the security console you can see the options .click on Basic settings tabSecurity Console


In the basic settings tab scroll down you will see the the 2-step verification option. Enable the 2-step verification by ticking up the check-box and then hit on save changes.

Two step verification


Then click on Go to advance setting to enforce 2-step will redirect you to below page.Here you can see the 3 options for enforcement of 2-step.

Turn On enforcement from particular date

Turn on enforcement now

Turn off enforcement

According to the requirement select the option and click on  save changes.

enforce 2 -step verification

It will enforce 2 SV to all members of the domain.

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