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Enable 2 step verification without your phone

Account verification is a mechanism to provide utmost security to gain access to online accounts. In today’s digital world, people use mobile phones to validate the secure login. However, there are times when a person does not have access to the registered mobile phone (number). In such events, there are two different methodologies to successfully verify the account details.

1. Using a registered backup phone to verify

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User has to register the backup phone number while creating an account, so that it can be used in future if user has any issues in validating the account using primary phone number.

How to use backup phone number to verify:

User has to choose “Don’t have your phone” option located on the verification page of account login. In the next screen it gives three different options to choose, where user has to select the “Send to your backup phone number” option. Verification code will be sent to the backup phone number and it can be used to verify the account and successfully log in to it.

2. Printing Backup codes for verification purpose

Back up codes

One more methodology to verify the account without phone number is, using a backup code. Backup codes are available under the security option of account page. There will be 10 backup codes and user has to print the backup codes and keep it for further use. More importantly, one backup code can be used only once. If you exhaust the available backup codes you can generate another set of codes. Just keep in mind that when you generate next set of code the previous set will be deactivated.

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How to use backup code for verifying the account

User has to choose “Don’t have your phone” option in the verification page of account login. In the next screen, from the three different options choose “Use a backup code” option and use one of the backup codes to verify the account.

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Tip to avoid backup codes frequently:

It is always better to select the option “Don’t ask for codes on this computer” when you are using a trusted device for the first time, so that you will not be asked for verification.


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