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Easy and quick draw using the Google’s AutoDraw

Drawing on a touch screen is a tedious job. Additionally, to convey the legitimate image of the drawing is also troublesome. To the rescue, the tech company Google has unveiled its recent Artificial Intelligence experiment termed as AutoDraw.

AutoDraw is a web based application. One can access it on mobiles or desktop. You just have to launch it and you can simply start drawing. Google is pitching this app for free of cost. The interface is user-friendly and comprise of feature like shape, text, free-draw options available for selection and fill on the left of the screen. For example, you can draw a pizza or a cake. The auto suggestion tool will try to decode your illustrations and will prompt suggestions conveyed by the talented artist to you.

In case you are striving to stick by your drawing and are not willing to go for the advised options, you can turn off the auto suggestions as well. If you think the propositions given by AutoDraw artist is better, you simply have to just click it and you will be given the provision to resize or move it around the page.

You can also learn more about Auto Draw while playing QuickDraw.

Insights on how does AutoDraw works:

This application is powered by machine learning. Using that technology, the algorithms are proficient enough to figure out what you are trying to illustrate. It diagnoses the crude drawings and then matches and converts your squiggles with the drawings persisting in its database. If it finds a legitimate match to your ham-fisted doodling, it will portray the suggestions on the top of the virtual canvas. If you think the options are resembling your drawing, you can select it and AutoDraw will substitute your amateurish layout into something better.

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The facility to upload pictures is also incorporated in AutoDraw. AutoDraw is fun to play with. Try it.

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