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Downloading Data on the go with Google Drive made easier

There was a time when we use to carry our digital files and folders in pen drives or other similar data devices, so we have them with us anytime and anywhere.

This method had its own faults and weakness, like you can forget to carry your device, right on the day when you needed it the most, or even worst, you can lose it and your data along with it. Then there are the regular data loss issues due to exposure or other such things.

This issue of traveling with your data or having it available anywhere and anytime was resolved to a great extent, with the introduction of Google Drive. It allows us to save data on the drive and access it anywhere, even from our smart phones.

As this service became popular, professionals like developers and designers started to use it more often. However, given the amount of data they normally deal with, the download limit of 2 GB can by a restriction for some of them.


To solve this problem Google has improved its Drive download serves. Now you have an option of downloading multiple 2 GB downloads, all you have to do is compress it and follow the improved name structure, as each zip file will have the sequence number, to make it easier to identify. Even empty folders will be included in the zip file downloads.

So, how does multiple file download works?

Considering the importance of this service, the download process is quite easy:

  • First you will have open
  • Then you will have to click a file to download. However, if you are downloading multiple files you will have to press Shift button and check on the other files you want to add.
  • Then you just have to right click and choose the download option.
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If you are doing this through Android, it is even easier. You just have to open Google Drive app and tap and hold each file to select, before tapping on download.

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