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Creation of Google Groups

Groups can be created as to group the users for same purpose or to make a team. Group encapsulates all members of group.any mail sent to the group will be delivered to all members of group.

Hello Guys, Welcome back to my tutorial on Google apps. In this tutorial i will show you how to create groups on Google apps. So groups are basically created putting together a group of member, who has common objective like you may have various departments in your organisation, so that can be a purpose of creating of group. I will log-in into my account. So you can see i will go to more control and groups or you can add this directly to the dashboard. And you see group module exist here, So i don’t have any groups here, i will create a group you can give the name any name as per your needs, so it may be HR dept. i will put as it hr department (hr dept). Group mail address can be Description is optional,then you can define the access level, Public will be anyone can post the messages and view the members list. You can put as Team. I will put it as Team also anyone on the internet can post the message, and there is an option in which you can add all users with in the domain to this group. This is generally not recommended because your domain may have many members. If you want all the members to be added to this group then you can add this, but as i m creating hr department so a set of people or a set of employees from your organisation will be present in this department. So you have to add those particular members manually later. Now i created the group, so group is created. Now you have zero users in the group. I will show you how you can add a user into the group. So i will add… i don’t exactly remember the user name so i m finding it difficult now, so this may be approximate username which i can remember. I will add this as member. Yeah so this user exists and i added this user as with the role member. So groups have different types of roles like members, managers and owners. I will talk about that in my upcoming tutorials. So now you saw how you can create a group and how you can add members in to the group. No groups can also have aliases and you can define access settings. I will talk about that in my next tutorials.
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Descriptive Explanation:

As videos are best way to learn/understand anything, But still you are little confused then please follow the below steps provided with screenshot:

For creating the groups you need to open the Groups console from admin dashboard.

Admin console


After going to groups console will see the list of groups exists in your domain.and in the bottom of page you can see create group button (green button).create group

For creating group click on the create group option(green button).you will get a pop-up to fill the details of new group which you want to create.Fill all the details (group name, group ID , group description and access level) and then hit on create.

Now you can see the group in the group list (In group console page).

For update setting / add members click on the group form list and you will be redirected to group profile of that particular group.There you can see option Manage users in yourgroup,access settings, aliases.

Click on manage users in yourgroup to add users in your group.

Groups profile


You will redirect to a page where you can see the members of groups(if present) or you can add users with any roles(manager, member, owner).In the blank type the user id(to whom you want to add in the group) and then select the role for that user in drop-down below the blank box. and then click add .




Add users in group

now you can see that user name in the list of members in the same page.

Thank You.

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