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Create Photo Albums with Google Photos with any work or hassle

Introduction of Smart Phones has changed a lot of things in our lifestyle, be it how we communicate with our family and friends, or how we stay in touch with people we know, but can’t meet often because the geographical distances.

However, another change in our daily life brought on by Smart Phones is: how we take photographs and create a picture memory of our tours, trips, vacations, business trips or just a drive along the coast.

Just think about that perfect sunset you saw, when you drove past a deserted beach. Normally, you would have just admired the view, probably stayed and enjoyed it for a few moments, and then drove on.

However, now you can not only enjoy the view, and relax watching the sun go down over the waves, you can also pull out your Smart Phone and use its powerful camera to take a few photographs. These photographs will serve as your visual memory for years to come.

Though, this visual memory, that you want to create of these photographs and hundreds other that you have taken here or on other places, can be quite a hassle.

Just thinking about going through all the photos and then arranging them into a meaningful album, that you can view and share with your friends, can bring on cold sweat. In the end, you will just leave them either on your phone or on your computer.

Google understand this problem, so they came up with a solution. Now, Google Photos will take these images and suggest you to create a new album. However, the best part is, Google Photos will suggest this album with just your best shots. Now, creating albums will be a piece of cake, as you will have all your work done by Google Photos.

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That’s not all, it will also pin the location of where the image was taken and add a map. So, if you want to visit the place again or send someone else to experience the amazing view, you will not have sit and spend hours thinking about the place, where the photo was taken.

It will also give you an option to add text captions to the photos or the albums and describe the view from your prospective, or you can get your friends take on it, by letting them describe it to you and the others. In fact, this goes a step further as any existing album can now be customized with maps and locations pins and all the other things available with Google Photos.

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