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Gmail allows users to manage their incoming mails by using gmail filter. User can manage their inbox by creating a filter for their account. User can label, archive, delete, star, or forward your mail, even keep it out of Spam.

In this tutorial, we will learn how to manage your incoming mails as per your requirement.

Create Gmail filter

Login to your mailbox.

For Creating gmail filter, go to the drop-down present in the search box present in your mailbox.


drop-down tab



Here you can fill the filter condition as per your requirement, and yes it is not necessary to fill all the fields.

After filling the required fields, click on the ‘create filter with this search’


Gmail filter














Here you can see the options for filtered incoming mails, You can click on the condition what you want to do with filtered emails.

We can directly archive the mails, delete the mails, star it, mark it as important, forward it or apply a labels.

After selecting the required fields, click the ‘create filter’ option.

Your filter has been created, you can check your created filter in your mailbox.

Go to Gmail settings (gear symbol in the top-right corner), Go to ‘filters and blocked address’  and there you can see your created filter.


filter check


Cheers!! We have set filter for this account, now the incoming mails satisfying this criteria will be filtered and processed accordingly.(In this case, mail containing ‘Learninghub’ in the subject line will be marked star in the mailbox)

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