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How to create a business listing with Google

Business Listing

Business Listing lets you get listed under a directory which categorizes businesses according to business type, location, size or activity. In this paperless world everything is online, so you can get multiple websites to list your businesses; an online business directory. Google the master in providing you Apps and services for almost all your needs; be it personal or professional gives you another free productivity tool called ‘Google My Business’ using which you can connect with your customers searching for you in Maps, Search or Google+.

Create a business listing with Google

This is a very simple procedure which you can perform in Google My Business. Let’s look into the steps involved in creating a business listing with Google.

There are two methods to create a business listing in Google; add your business or claim your business.

  1. Add your business: Search for your business name in Google and check whether you can see the link “Are You The Business Owner” link. If you see that link; it means that the business is not claimed by anyone. You can go ahead and add your business to Google.
  2. Click on ‘Get on Google” button in Google My Business page and sign into your Google Account.Google my business
  3. Search for your business name and most probably it won’t be listed. So click on the magnifying icon and to the end you will see the option “add your business”.find my business
  4. Click on that and you will get a new window to enter all the details about your business. Details are name of business, address, contact number, category and a check box to select if you serve customers at their doorstep.
  5. If you have selected the last check box you can set the service area, the locality at which your services are available.verification code
  6. Once you enter all the details needed, confirm your authority to manage this business. By doing this you will get a verification code at your mailing address. Just be aware that you don’t make any changes to your details until you get the code and verify your business. You are done adding your business.


  1. Claiming your business: You do this if your business is already on Google.
  2. Just like adding click on ‘Get on Google’ after logging into the Google Account.
  3. Search for your business and click on your business. Then you have to confirm that you are the authorized personal. (Before doing this, you can get the details of the email ID under which the business is verified and make sure that you did not added your business using your alternate Gmail ID). At times Google itself adds based on the information available online. If it’s a fake listing you can claim and continue with the verification process.Google+My+Business+Verification+Call+Me+Now
  4. You will have another option also for verification. You can get a call to verify your business. So click on verify later and ask for administrator rights, and wait for 7 days to hear back from current authorized personal. After that you can complete the editing and verification process.

You can always seek help of the Google support if you have any trouble in creating business list using Google. This sums up the procedure to create a business listing with Google.





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