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Create event and reminder with just a tap with google search bar

Create events or set a reminder is not as hard as it sounds. We have a nice little trick using which you can create event and reminder in a minute.

We don’t need to go to google calendar and then create an event like previously we were doing.

Now creating event and reminders are just a tap away, it doesn’t matter whether you are in the mobile device or any computer.

In Desktop

Search ‘Create event’ in google, and it will show you the timing for creating an event and a button ‘create event.’ Clicking on the create event will create an event in your calendar without going to your calendar for next half an hour.

If you want to change the timing for your event, then click on the showed time and you will be taken to editing page for that event, Fill the details and save your event.  Or you can also type a full sentence like ‘add event at 11’ and it will show you half an hour window for your event.

After creating the event, you can see the option to ‘Edit event,’ clicking on this option will take you to editing page and you can fill the required details, invite the guests and save your event.

In Mobile Device:

Tap on google search bar and write ‘create event’ or ‘add event’ and google will show you the options to fill the exact time and subject for your event.

You can also tap on the google microphone icon of google present in google search bar and say ‘create event’ or ‘add event’ and then google will ask you for the time and subject of the event, fill the details or just say it and google will create an event as per your filled details in your calendar.

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Google also helps you to create a reminder with just a tap.

Tap in google search bar, write set a reminder or just say it after tapping the microphone icon and google will ask you for more details regarding the reminder and then create a reminder.

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