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Create a calendar Event / Book a resource

After creating the resource, users can book the resource through calendar for particular timings and manage the resources for the domain.So we will create a calendar event, modify it after creation of event in this tutorial.


Hello Guys, Welcome to my tutorial on Google Apps. In this tutorial i will tell you how you create a calendar event on your google calendar. It is very essential to know because you may be attending meetings and if you are on Google apps then you have to book the respective room through your calendars so there are no interference between the bookings and everything happens well and good. So i will go to the calendars module now, you can go from here or if you are in your mailbox if you click on that sign you will be redirected to calendars. So this is calendars module. Now you can choose a particular date, suppose on may 5th, i will choose a particular slot on 3-4 pm. I will click there and edit event. Here you can give name to the event like ‘Discussion on various topic’ i can give any name, you can define as per the agenda. Then you can enter a location and you can change the time slot here. You can define if it is all day event or if there is particular time. You can also define when you want event to be repeated like if you want to event to be repeated weekly or every Tuesday or Thursday, Daily, it can be modulated according to your own need. Then i will click on Done. Now this event is repeated daily on that particular slot. Then i will give a location where, i will give it Texas, i will give anything. You can also join video call here. but that i will talk in next tutorial, in some other tutorial when we will be talking about hangouts. Next in the description you can define the whole agenda what is to be discussed in the meeting and what other guest and attendees should know about this meeting. Then you can set notifications which will appear before 10 mins or before whatever custom time you define here. You can also add 2-3 notification here by clicking on add a notification option. Then you have to invite your guest, i will invite some users in this organisation. You can search the users and invite them here, you can see the list here and then you can also define guest can modify event or guest can invite others or see the others users who are attending the meetings. Modify event is the maximum access which can be given and they will retain the rights to modify this meeting event and other custom settings of meeting. Now you have to add a room which i was talking. As we have added created a resource in the last tutorial. We will be using that resource now. I will add that projector room here. So this resource has been added. You can see projector room 1 has been added. If you want to remove some user, you can remove that here if you added someone by mistake. Now i can again add the same user. Now i will save this. This is an important option. Every time before saving or before you modify any event it will always ask you “would you like to send a notification to guests?”. It is always recommended to send invitation because everyone may not be checking calendar for upcoming events or events to which they are invited. So you should always send invitation to the users. Now you see this event is added daily. This is a repeated event and it is added at that particular time at 3pm to 4pm slot. Now if you go inside the meeting, you will see the meetings details. You can again modify these and save. I will modify something and i will save it now. So you have this option like to modify this event or whole series of event because this is a repetitive event. I will do it for only this event and again it will ask would you like to send updates to existing guest. So this is also important because if you are modifying any event, then you should send updates to various guests so that they are aware of the change in timings or in an y agenda. So thank you, You can always like, subscribe my video or ask any question or doubts related to this tutorial in the comment section. Thank You!!

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Although videos are the best way to learn but if you want to go by step by steps, then here are the steps with screenshot.

Descriptive Explanation:

Create a calendar Event

Go to calendar module directly as or you can go as per the screenshot.

open calendar

In the calendars page you can see your calendar with your schedule.

For create a calendar event you need to click any free time from your calendar and then click on edit event.

create a calendar event


Clicking on edit event will redirect you to event details page where you can set every detail of the event(e.g. guests, meeting room, time, repetitive event etc)


Create a calendar event


As you can see in the above screenshot, you can set event name, timings, set repetitive event or all day event, choose location, write event description and set pop-up alarm also.

You can invite guests from right side of the page, just enter the id you will see the user’s name, click on it, it will add automatically. You can choose Rooms (resource) in that field only. Click on Rooms and type the resource name and then it will show the free(green)/ busy(red) schedule of the room. If its green then add it or  if its red then select any other free time and add the resource.

After updating all the details click on save. it will ask you to confirm sending invitation to guests. Click on yes and all guests will get invitation and event will be added on their calendar.

Edit Event:

For editing event, click on the event from the calendar module page, you will see the edit event option just like you saw in create event steps.

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Go to Edit event


Click on Edit event and you will be redirected to event details page.

Edit event page


Modify the changes and then click on Save, it will ask for sending updates to guests. Select yes to update the guest about the changes.

We have learnt, How to create a calendar event and modify the event. If you have any doubts, feel free to comment.

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